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Is It Our Fashion Sense Or Style That Describes Us?

The biggest difference between fashion and style is the existence of our identity. While fashion is an art that helps us express our appearance in general; Style is how we reflect our personal appearance and identity lines as a whole. How we define ourselves does not have a fleeting perception like fashion. Instead of restricting ourselves among the trends, we should reflect our style. We should describe our own style with the principle of inspiring the city rather than the principle of bringing novelty to novelty that fashion harbours.

Finding Our Own Style in the Cycle of Life

Life cycles in life are cycles in which we get lost until we create our own reality. They describe the blurred phases of our lives. They are a period of time when we cannot fully discover what we like and what we don't like. That is why we should not be afraid to really get to know ourselves. The more confident we are in ourselves, the more meaningful our lives become. If we are not confident, we may project an identity that is not our own and continue to search for our true identity. Until we find our identity, we may also struggle to find our style. In order to overcome this difficulty, we should try to understand how our identity and style are shaped through life cycles.

Is Our Style a Reflection of Our Individual Accumulation?

There are many factors that shape our identity. From the societies we grow up in to the cities we belong to, all events carry a signature from our identity. Our style is the best method we can use to express our identity to the outside world. When and how we use which piece of jewellery deciphers our identity. Therefore, our style is a stance of our individual accumulation. However, the lifestyles we are influenced by can sometimes push us into a style that does not tend to come out of the style moulds we were born into. At this point, what we need to discover is our originality. The more we can be ourselves, the more we can reflect our individual accumulations through our style.

The Masterpieces of our Lives are our Style Stories

To create our own style, we need to be aware of our bodies because our bodies are like our sculptures. With the accessories we use, we can reflect our body as a whole and create a unique masterpiece. The secret of our style stories, which play a big role in creating the masterpieces of our lives, is that we manage to find the right pieces for our bodies.

Cities We Inspire With Our Signature Style

Every road in life has an end. Our final destination while creating our style stories is maybe a bag, maybe a scarf. We just need to find that piece that appeals to the energy of our soul and create our signature style that will inspire the city. Madmazel Signature collection can help us in this regard.

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